Monday, October 18, 2010

Crunchy Mexican Chicken

This is a pretty basic dish, but still full of flavor. You probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen! When I cook chicken it usually ends up chopped or shredded, sometimes its nice to just leave it as is and enjoy!

Crunchy Mexican Chicken

3 Chicken breasts
4T lime juice
4T honey
1.5t chili powder
1/2C crushed tortilla chips
1/4C shredded cheese
1/2C Salsa

-Marinate chicken in lime juice, chili powder and honey for at least 30 minutes.
-Roll in chips and bake at 425F for about 20 minutes
-Remove from oven and spinkle with cheese. Place under broiler until cheese is melted
-Top with your favorite salsa


  1. Funny how we all think everyone has tried a particular recipe at one time or another and that what we post is quite "ordinary". I've been cooking for YEARS, yet I've never made chicken with tortilla chips. I will try this but probably with boneless chix. thighs. Thank you for this recipe...and thanks to your husband for serving his nation. You must be proud of him. Not sure where your family is stationed, but we'll be thinking of you on our Thanksgiving day! Will let you know when I prepare the recipe. Nanette

  2. Rachel: You should consider putting a print button (widget) at the end of each recipe post. It makes it easy to print. N

  3. Thank you Nanette, I am very proud of him! I am taking a little break over the holidays but when I start posting again I will be sure to figure out the print option haha!