Monday, September 13, 2010

Sneaky Sneaky

Ok let me start off by saying that im sorry for the lack of posts lately. I like to post pictures with my recipes so you can get an idea of what its supposed to look like, and lets face it we eat with our eyes too! Well, my camera batteries are dead and I cant find my charger! Grrr. If I use regular batteries it will let me take like 2 pictures before it dies, so I really need to find my charger!

So, as you may have read from me before I do Baby Led Weaning (also know as Baby Led Solids) with my son. But before I realized how awesome BLW was I bought a boat load of baby mush in jars. So now im stuck with jars and jars and nothing to do with them...until now. It is always a challenge for me to get veggies in my kids, and well me and my husband also! Before my daughter even tastes a veggie, she automatically tells me that she doesnt like them and they are gross. (Insert eye roll) Well I discovered if she cant actually see them, then they taste great! Ha! I have been putting purees into all kinds of things and they get gobbled up! If you dont have baby food then you can always just bake/steam/saute them then puree and add to your dish. For the record I dont think you should just sneak the veggies in and leave it at that. I will always serve the whole food too. So if they happen to eat the whole veggie too, then double yay! So go ahead, be a little sneaky, its good for your kids.....promise!

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